“I attended with a very painful toe and hip, the hip problem caused as a secondary problem caused by favouring my toe. After 2 visits most of the pain was eased. I was always made welcome and comfortable about the treatment I received.” (L W, Stamford)

“I attend for regular deep muscle massage, and some acupuncture, relieving build up of knotted muscle. I had a discectomy 2002, and my back is generally not good, effecting legs and general mobility. I have been to the clinic now for a number of years and highly recommend Dr H. Chandoo.” (C C, Peterborough)

“I have a re-occurring dislocation of the right shoulder and have been having trouble with it now for the past few years as I work in manual labour and also go to the gym a lot, I went to the NHS and it took them 8 months to get me to a physio! So I decided to go private and found the complementary health clinic. After the 1st session with Dr Hasnain Chandoo he diagnosed me with chronic inflammation of the tendons, I had not heard anything of this sort of diagnosis the 4-5 years I had been trying through the NHS and I have had 2 MRi scans on my shoulder and been seen by several so called “specialists” and not 1 had said anything about chronic inflammation! The days leading after the first session were impressive as well, my shoulder felt lose and relaxed for the 1st time in ages, i had no achy joint or muscle pain either! Session after session my shoulder has got better and his advice for home therapy and exercises at home is second to none. Overall excellent services and a very friendly likeable person too.” (R D, Peterborough)

“I attended the clinic initially with an emergency as I could hardly move my neck. After my first treatment I was able to go away that very weekend and play golf! I have been going back for 3 months to ensure I keep on top of the injury. Hasnain is brilliant healer!” (M J, Peterborough)

“Dr. Chandoo’s qualifications, skill and experience are unmatched. As a chronic pain sufferer who requires regular physio therapy, I’ve not received treatment from a therapist with qualifications to equal his. His medical training enables him discuss medications and their effects, he can perform deep tissue massage, ostepathy, AND acupuncture. In my experience, this is a rare combination of skills. I recommend Dr. Chandoo without reservation.” (G M, Peterborough)

“My daughter, 10 years old, was suffering frequent migraine attacks and neck pain as a result was not feeling well and was generally tired and frustrated. Within a couple of treatments with cranial osteopathy she felt alot better and the migraine attacks have all but gone. I recommend Dr Hasnain Chandoo without reservation.” (C R, Peterborough)

“Service was good and standard of care high. People very pleasant.” (A R, Stamford)

“After being involved in an accident in July 2008 to my lower back and having not fully recovered, I decided to take up some Osteopath/Acupuncture. I emailed the practice and was amazed with the quick responses to my questions. The level of service received at sessions is exceptional, and is very good value for money. I will be recommending Doctor Chandoo to anyone who needs special treatment.” (A H, Peterborough)

“It is the best and would highly recommend.” (M S, London)

“Value for money: I have been receiving treatment at Complimentary Health Clinic for 16 months. When the clinic location was changed the treatment costs remained the same. Service: You are greeted with a very warm smile as if you are the most important person there. The reception area is light, welcoming and very clean with the current months magazines to browse through. Quality: Dr. H. Chandoo’s attitude is encouraging and I have confidence in his expertise.” (S J, Peterborough)

“Thorough and professional consultations and treatments in a comfortable, relaxed environment. “ (T S, Spalding)

“When I first contacted Dr Chandoo, the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing was the worst pain I’d had since I broke my neck in a serious car crash. After the second treatment my condition had already improved and I had mobility again, by the 4th treatment my pain had totally gone. I have over the year’s had many different treatments on my neck and back, but will honestly say the treatment, care, and professionalism from Dr Chandoo was first class and I will remain a patient of his for ever more.” (S H, Peterborough)